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Nathaniel Home Upholstered Fabric Chair Set of 2 Single Reclining Sofa with Soft Thick Cushion for Elderly Lounge Bedroom Living Room Home Theater Seating, Blue Grey


🌈Show your personality and show your style – colorful choices of manual fabric recliner chair
⚪In the world of colors, we bring you three carefully selected colors: blue-gray, cream-white, and mocha brown. Each color has its own charm and expresses the personality and style of your home decoration.

✨Whether you pursue classic and calm, or like fresh and bright, our colorful selection of manual fabric sofas can satisfy your personality and taste. Choose from Blue Grey, Cream White, or Mocha Brown to give your home a unique brilliance and character that will stand out in any setting. Choose your favorite color now and let our handmade fabric sofas add color and charm to your home.

💺Not only are our fabric sofas focused on comfort and aesthetics, but they are also designed for people with reduced mobility. Find the manual control button on the side of the sofa, and gently pull it out to start a relaxing rest time. Whether it is the elderly, the disabled, or patients in recovery, our fabric sofa will become their intimate companion in daily life.

⚒️Our manual recliners are known for their easy and hassle-free installation process. No more tedious, no more complicated, let you easily have a comfortable home experience, equipped with concise installation instructions, making the assembly process easy and fast. You don’t need to worry about complicated tools or difficult steps, just follow the simple instructions and you can finish the assembly in a few steps.

📍Our brand is committed to providing high-quality furniture, this manual reclining chair is made of high-quality materials and exquisite workmanship. A solid frame and solid mechanical construction ensure durability and reliability. You can rest assured that you will enjoy long-term comfort and convenience.

❔Worried that our fabric recliner is difficult to clean?

Don’t worry the cleaning of the fabric sofa is better than that of leather sofas and other sofas. I will introduce the cleaning method of this product below.
A. Dust cleaning:

Material preparation: rolling pin*1+alcohol*1 (concentration is 75%)+rag*1
Step 1: Pour 75% alcohol into the watering can first, and then spray it on the rag until the rag feels damp to the touch;
Step 2: Spread the rag on the sofa, and tap it with a rolling pin a few times, the dust on the sofa will be absorbed onto the rag, and the alcohol can also play a good role in disinfection
B. Cleaning of colored beverages such as coffee:

Material preparation: towel*1+vacuum cleaner*1
Step 1: First, you need to pour a small amount of water on the surface of the stain (remember not to scrub with a lot of water) and spread a towel on the soaked stain
Step 2: Then point the tube of the vacuum cleaner to the stain and suck back and forth continuously. After a few minutes, we can remove the towel
Step 3: Use a hair dryer to dry the stained area.

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